zaterdag 9 juni 2012

De liberalen en het fabeldier

Er is een fabeldier, nog ongrijpbaarder dan de verschrikkelijke sneeuwman. Het is een verschijning die regelmatig opdoemt in politieke discussies, maar die nooit in levende lijve wordt aangetroffen: de zogenaamde neoliberaal.

vrijdag 1 juni 2012

The future of Europe

Yesterday, I published an article discussing the many problems of the EU, which have until now gone unsolved due to the unwillingness of the Europhiles to accept that their utopian dreams are simply impossible. Arrogance has poisoned the European project beyond any hope of rescue, and it seems that arrogance will in the end destroy the EU altogether.

The question is now: how do we get rid of the bad, while preserving the good? Cooperation and good relations between the many states of Europe are by no means a bad thing. How can we preserve those elements, while dismantling the European bureacracy and the undemocratic power of Brussels? Well, if you think about it, it’s not that difficult. The only thing missing to achieve a peaceful and relatively painless end to the EU is the political will to go about it.

That’s certainly a problem, because the Eurocrats in charge are dead set on creating a centralized political union. I explained yesterday how their efforts are inherently counterproductive, serving only to sow futher animosity between the nations of Europe. If they continue to force their utopia on all of us, they even risk sparking off a civil war. That catastrophe must be avoided at all costs.

So how? What’s the alternative? That question is imperative, because Europhiles will repeat again and again that we need the EU, and that to dismantle it would be tantamount to economic suicide. What we need to do is prove them wrong, so everyone can see that there is a viable alternative to Eurofederalism. To that end, I’ve written this article: a proposal for dismantling the European Union in a peaceful and orderly manner. Because we can prevent the disastrous future currently awaiting Europe, and we can lay the ground work for a far better future for us all.